Pork Fried Rice With Corn and Shishito Peppers

Anytime we spot shishito peppers at the grocery store, we immediately buy them to ensure that this dish gets made in the very near future. The texture of the corn and pepper provide a nice crunch and pop of sweetness to balance out the spiciness of the serrano peppers. The savoriness of the egg and corn with the day old rice really bring the dish together that always leaves us wanting more.

Ingredient Changes

  • Serrano peppers

    Added two serrano peppers

  • 6 oz of leftover pork or ham

    Used 7 ounces of 1/4 inch boneless pork chops

  • Fish sauce

    Added in 1/2 Tbsp

Ingredient Conversions

Ingredient Old Value New Value
Shishito Peppers 12 peppers 117 grams


  • We combine two recipes to ensure that we have a great base pork recipe that is Asian inspired on the flavor spectrum, but any leftovers would do in a pinch.
  • Make sure that the rice is made at least a day ahead of time. We normally use the 1 cup dry jasmine rice to 2 cups of water method with a bay leaf in our rice cooker.
  • Make sure all of your ingredients are ready and pre-chopped near the wok, the recipe goes quickly and having everything within arms reach is crucial.
  • For the pork chops, we left out the hoison sauce completely, per the comments. We simply marinated the meat for the indicated two hours and then finished it per the recipe
  • We reduced the amount of shishito peppers slightly and added in serrano peppers for extra spice to the dish.

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