Summer Enchiladas

When I see an enchilada I expect the melty gooey meat stuffed variety. This recipe is not that. A refreshing summer recipe that incorporates traditional Mexican flavors with the light and fresh vegetables of summer. This twist is great for those hot summer nights when you want something just a little bit lighter that still has plenty of flavor.

Ingredient Changes

  • Source cream

    Added source cream as a topping

Ingredient Conversions

Ingredient Old Value New Value
White Onion 1/2 225 grams


This recipe can be a bit hectic especially if you are preparing this recipe solo. I would create the salsa well ahead of time. The salsa tasted even better the next day so making it the day before would simplify making the enchiladas and provide an even tastier salsa. You do lose the spiced water used to blanch and simmer the other vegetables but you can just add a new pepper when heating the water.

  • When boiling the tomatillos they will float and may need to be rotated for thorough cooking.
  • Allow the salsa to reduce for an extra 20-30 minutes to reach a thicker consistency.
  • Use homemade tortillas that are 50g each.
    • 120g corn masa flour
    • 180g water
    • salt to taste
  • I tried adding pepper jack cheese to the filling inside and was unable to say it made an appreciable difference.

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